Build brighter futures by reaching kids today.

It is critical that we reach children and youth through preventative programs to break heartbreaking cycles and divert them towards a better future.

No child should ever go hungry – but it is a tragic reality that there are many families who are struggling to feed their children right now.

Whenever someone comes to Hope Mission as an adult, it’s difficult not to wonder what their childhood was like. A simple conversation with someone in our shelters often reveals a gut wrenching history of deep heartbreak. Most of the men and women that we serve as adults began their lives as hurting and hungry kids – desperate for someone to reach out and hear their cries for help.

Many parents are working multiple jobs and making difficult decisions every day. It’s not unusual to hear from a parent that they need to choose between heating their home or feeding their children – a heartbreaking and impossible choice.

“We were stuck in financial hardship. If it wasn’t for Hope Mission, I don’t know what we would have done.”

Families are working hard to provide everything they can for their kids, but skyrocketing inflation has made budgeting harder than ever. Parents in our community want their children to have all the food they need to grow healthy and strong. They want their children to be part of a supportive community and have safe people to turn to when they need help.

We don’t want to see any child go hungry in our community.

Hope Mission helps kids, youth, and families across the province through a number of supports.

Afterschool programs, community meals, family food hampers, summer camps, and school lunches are all simple things that can have a big impact on the life of a child.

Last year, compassionate people like you helped provide kids across Alberta with over

nutritious meals

Thanks to the generosity of donors, many families have found compassionate help at Hope Mission. They can access food hampers to feed their children when times are especially hard. They’ve received school supplies and clothing that their kids desperately needed. Children have built friendships and grown in confidence with fun activities.

“Hope Mission cares about the kids’ families; the families are just as much welcome as the children are. I love that about them.”

Families in need have found a community that cares deeply about them. They have what they need to make it through tough times and come out stronger on the other side. They know that they are not alone.

Learn more about the life-changing impact you can have on a child’s life:

After-School Programs

Family Supports

Summer Camp

School Lunches

Just $2.70 provides a nutritious meal to a hungry child.

Join us as we seek to see that no child goes hungry in our community. Together, we can lift struggling children and families out of poverty and into hope.