Our Values

Learn more about Hope Mission and the mission, vision, and values that guide our organization.

Mission Statement

Because of the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ, Hope Mission exists to serve the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those in search of help, healing, and hope.

Vision Statement

Hope Mission believes that everyone deserves an opportunity for life change. Therefore, we aspire to be a leader and example of a faith-based organization that diligently serves, strengthens, uplifts, and shares hope with vulnerable men, women, youth, and children in the name of Jesus Christ, in communities at home and abroad.

Core Values

These values are intended to be guiding principles that shape the manner in which Hope Mission implements its mission as well as the pursuit of its vision.


We believe that faith in God requires us to approach all aspects of leadership with prayer and God’s Word.


We seek to develop a relationship of trust in word and deed with all those we serve, earning the opportunity to share the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.


We demonstrate unconditional love through being gentle, kind, friendly, listening with empathy, and treating all with dignity and respect.


We aspire to manage the organization through effective internal and external communication, collaboration, empowerment, and courageous decision-making.


We honour God by effective utilization of our resources, time, finances, partnerships, and being environmentally responsible. We are grateful for the generous support of our donors and volunteers.


We strive to meet the highest ethical standards of honesty, integrity, and accountability.


We embrace continuous improvement of the organization and challenge each other to strive for excellence.


We recognize the synergy that is generated through a unified staff committed to a common faith and purpose.