Hope and healing for people trapped in addiction.

Over the years, hundreds of people have made a courageous and life-changing journey through our one-year recovery program that was designed to tackle the deepest roots of addiction.

Many in our community are longing for a better future, but feel trapped and alone.

The combination of skyrocketing inflation and a devastating opioid crisis means that more men and women than ever before are facing desperate situations. The number of people who are hungry, hurting, and homeless is growing, putting our most vulnerable at serious risk.

“I’ll never forget how I felt when I finally hit rock bottom. I didn’t want to live anymore…”

Struggling with addiction can feel like an unbearable weight – especially when you’re all alone.

Hope and healing through recovery is possible.

Hope Mission offers two year-long faith-based addiction recovery programs: Wellspring for women and Breakout for men. We are licensed with the Government of Alberta as an addiction treatment centre and both programs are accredited through CARF International.

Our programs address the devastating trauma that lies at the root of addiction. Vulnerable men and women need a safe space to heal and process through their experiences. This is a critical part of recovery – and means that true transformation can happen.

For almost 30 years, we have seen hundreds of men and women find true hope and life change.

Program participants work through courses to build practical life skills such as healthy boundaries in relationships, conflict resolution techniques, and cognitive therapy methods. Within the safety of a supportive and caring community, program participants set goals, plan for the future, and take active steps towards housing and employment.

01 Mar, 2023


Phase One: Stability

One-on-one meetings with an assigned case manager to learn basic life managementand problem-solving skills.

01 Mar, 2023


Phase Two: Healing

Guests examine their life, discover their true self, and let God heal the places that have driven their addictions.

01 Mar, 2023


Phase Three: Hope

Now is the time for guests to put a relapse prevention planinto place as they begin to put their life together.

01 Mar, 2023


Phase Four: Releasing

Guests look ahead to a future of hopeas they begin to put their exit plan into practice.

Men and women who have graduated from the recovery programs have reunited with their families, repaired broken relationships, pursued education or employment, and found new hope for their future. Lives have been changed in the most dramatic way possible – and many people feel unrecognizable today from who they were before.

"You can't put a gauge on how incredible it is to have a second chance at life."

For people who are trapped in addiction, we know that healing is possible. With your help, we will give even more people access to stability, healing, and hope.

Learn more about lives that have been forever changed thanks to people like you:

Dustin's Story

“I experienced a transformation I couldn’t believe happened. I actually have real joy in my life. I’m a completely different person.”

Chelsea's Story

“I’m grateful for this opportunity to find myself again. Without you, I don’t think that would have been possible.”

Will's Story

“If it weren’t for people like you supporting in every way you can, none of this would have been possible for me. Thank you!”

Give the gift of life-change and recovery to someone in need.

Help sponsor someone today who is struggling with addiction. With your help, we will give even more people access to stability, healing, and hope.