No child should go hungry at school.

School lunches help hungry kids focus less on their empty stomachs and more on learning, growing, and thriving.

It’s shocking but true: the number of hungry children in our province today has grown to 1 in 4.

At Hope Mission, we want to reach the next generation. We’ve seen what can happen to children who don’t have adequate support and access to food at a young age – and those stories break our hearts. By feeding hungry children across Alberta, we hope to break the cycles of poverty that can lead to addiction, homelessness, and despair.

“It’s always healthy choices. It also gives them a variety of things that they may not get on their own. It’s healthier than what a lot of them are able to get as far as snacks go.”

These are drastic times for Alberta’s most vulnerable youth and children. Families are facing increasing pressures as inflation and food costs rise. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that we make sure these children receive proper nutrition so that they can learn, grow, and reach their full potential. We need your help to make sure we don’t let any child lose the bright future they deserve.

Last year, compassionate people like you provided kids across Alberta with over 260,000 lunches in 75 schools.

School lunches are an incredibly important part of supporting a child’s health and wellbeing. Kids that aren’t distracted by a grumbling stomach are able to invest their energy into building friendships and succeeding in school. For a child who is hungry, knowing they will have lunch at school makes a huge difference.

Providing a lunch to a hungry child can be truly life-changing.

Kids who don’t have a lunch can feel embarrassed enough to stay home and miss classes – jeopardizing their future. School lunches help to keep kids in school, lets them focus on their studies, and sets them up for success.

“It’s like a comfort food kind of thing. It helps me feel at ease.”

School lunches can be an encouragement to a child who might be going through a tough time at home. They will know that someone cares for them and wants them to grow healthy and strong – and that can make all the difference.

Hear from Alberta principals on the incredible impact that lunches have had on hungry children in their schools:

Just $2.70 provides a lunch to a hungry child.

Join us as we seek to see no child go hungry in our community. Together, we can lift struggling children and families out of poverty and into hope.