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Welcome to the Hope Mission family! You’re now walking alongside a community of thousands of supporters working together to provide life-changing meals to those in need! Here are a few stories from the men, women, youth, and children served every day at Hope Mission:

“You are loved. These people here are going to show you some of that love.” – Eric

“I have hope today because of being here at Hope Mission.” – Lori

“The family dinners have been absolutely awesome. There’s always so much love” – Nicky

“They welcomed me in and made me feel like there was hope.” – Bonita

“I’m very thankful for Hope Mission and what they did for me.” – Rory

“It’s a miracle to have a hot meal and a warm place to sleep. It makes all the difference in the world” – Susan

Just $2.70 provides a meal and life-changing care for a hurting and hungry neighbour. For many, a simple meal can be the beginning of a journey towards healing, hope, and transformation.