A Call To Prayer: Part One


Pray that children and youth would experience hope today

Tia stormed out of the kids’ program space into the hallway. She threw her book across the floor and slumped to the floor drawing up her knees and lowering her head. I took my time crossing over and slowly sat down next to her, praying for what to say. Before I could ask any questions Tia blurted out: “The only thing I’m good at is getting suspended.”

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” (Hebrews 11:1, NLT)

At 9 years old Tia believed the labels that had been placed on her. She had given up hope. Labels that many of the kids with whom we work have come to believe about themselves: “You’re a bad kid.” “You’re a mistake.” “No one likes you.” “You’re a loser.” “You don’t belong.” Over time these labels & lies can snuff out hope and dreams for a future. Hope Mission teams work with children and youth who are depressed, angry, and express thoughts of suicide on a regular basis.

But there is hope. Christ entered into the brokenness of our world to proclaim the message of life and hope for all. Death could not defeat our Saviour. With the resurrection we have a Saviour who never leaves nor forsakes us. We have a Saviour who can break into the most hopeless circumstance and proclaim new life.


Prayer Request #1

Join us in praying for children and youth to experience the HOPE of Jesus Christ.



Join us in praying for HOPE to break through in times of despair.



Join us in praying for lies to be replaced with words of life.

*Tia was matched with a Hope Mission staff to receive 1:1 mentoring for one hour a week in her school. During this time her mentor worked with Tia to come up with a full list of things that Tia was good at that did not involve getting in trouble at school!

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