Helping people leave the streets and find a place to call home.

Programs that house vulnerable people quickly and empower them through support that keeps them housed long-term.

People experiencing homelessness face unimaginable challenges.

For someone who is living on the street, sheer survival quickly begins to take up all of their time and energy. Without secure and stable housing, vulnerable people are at incredible risk from exposure to harsh weather or dangerous situations. It is extremely difficult to focus on anything other than staying safe and alive. Finding employment feels impossible when you don’t have a permanent address. There is no space to think about addressing an addiction or mental health issue when you aren’t sure where you’ll sleep tonight.

“When you have nothing, you’re broken. You’re lost. You’re not really sure where to turn.”

Housing programs are truly transformational to people who are experiencing homelessness. They don’t only provide a roof over someone’s head, but a stable and supportive environment where they can regain their dignity and rebuild their lives. Access to housing means that vulnerable people can focus on pursuing education, finding employment, and reconnecting with their families.

Housing programs are a lifeline to our homeless neighbours.

Hope Mission offers two housing programs that reach out to people in need to keep them housed. Rapid Exit is a Housing First program that takes an unhoused person through the housing process from start to finish. Follow up support workers provide short and long term follow up supports to people who have been housed through the programs.

The Diversion & Housing Outreach Program was created as a rapid resolution resource. The team supports community members in developing a clear action plan to exit homelessness and improve their quality of life. The purpose of this program is to move community members through the housing process within 21 days or less by focusing on people who are new to the shelter system and can be diverted quickly.

Housing programs help people in desperate situations rebuild their lives.

Once someone has secured stable living conditions, they can begin to pursue other things in their life to help them flourish. Housing programs also connect vulnerable people with critically needed resources like healthcare, addiction recovery, and ID services.

"I'm thankful for Hope Mission because it saved my life. I wouldn’t have survived on the streets.”

By assessing the individual needs and unique story of each person who comes to our doors, we can house people in the facilities that are the most appropriate for them and designed to help them thrive.

Just $2.70 provides a meal for a hurting and hungry neighbour.

A meal can be the first step to provide support like housing to those facing homelessness in our community.