Holistic care for vulnerable people.

Compassionate and accessible healthcare stabilizes people in crisis and builds a healthy community.

There can be a number of complex health factors for people who are struggling that keeps them feeling stuck in a desperate situation.

There are significant physical and mental health needs in our community. Lack of access to healthcare can be a significant barrier to someone who is trying to get back on their feet. It can feel exhausting and overwhelming to overcome a difficult situation if you are coping without proper care for wounds, access to appropriate medication, or daily pain.

“I was really depressed. It was a life of despair.”

Every person that walks through our doors has an individual story and their own unique needs. By providing compassionate support and connecting them to the healthcare resources they need, we can make sure that vulnerable people have the support to get back on their feet. They don’t have to struggle alone; there is hope.

Physical and mental healthcare are critical resources to our community.

We have several nursing clinics that provide critical physical and mental healthcare to the community. In addition to emergency response teams and community health promotion, nursing led walk-in clinics are available. These clinics can assist with referrals and assessments, wellness checks, care coordination, wound care, and foot care. Our staff include registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, health care aides, emergency responders, primary care paramedics, and registered psychiatric nurses in order to provide the fullest spectrum of care we can.

Our nursing clinics give people the support they need to address new health concerns and chronic conditions.

By providing emergency care and promoting long term health through ongoing support, we are able to help our community members to build a better future. A future where they aren’t just stuck in survival mode – but truly thriving.

“If it wasn't for this place, if I didn’t have the nursing clinic here, I would probably be dead.”

Just $2.70 provides a meal for a hurting and hungry neighbour.

A meal can be the first step to provide support to those struggling in our community.