Fun and compassionate after-school care.

Programs that meet the needs of children and youth, and invest in the leaders of tomorrow. 

Kids need safe, fun, and free spaces to spend time, be challenged, and grow as individuals.

The hours between when school ends and parents come home for work are a critical time for kids and youth. Without structured activities or supervision, kids can get bored quickly or find themselves in unsafe situations. Working parents want to provide the best opportunities for their kids, but are also juggling tight budgets without a lot of room for luxuries or paid childcare.

“I worry about where my kids go and who they’re spending time with.”

After-school programs are life-changing for kids. Children have a safe and engaging space to spend time and learn new skills. They can try out new activities, play with their friends, and build relationships with caring adults that can support them and their families. After-school programs are more than a convenience; they’re a lifeline to parents that are working hard to provide for their kids. They know that their children are safe, engaged, and fed in a supportive environment.

Kids build lifelong memories in a safe and supportive environment.

After-school programs allow kids the opportunity to engage in fun activities that foster creativity and build important social skills. They can explore new interests and build confidence that extends beyond our walls. They will eat a healthy meal, enjoy physical activity, and leave knowing that they are valued. Parents know their children are being supervised in a structured environment that will build them up and empower them.

These programs are life-changing for kids in the community.

After-school programs are an integral part of how we help kids and families and we are proud to partner with local schools in this important work. By giving children and youth a safe place to go after the school bell rings, you are helping vulnerable families.

"I'm so glad my kids have somewhere safe to go."

Kids know where they can go to spend time with their friends, eat a healthy meal after a long day at school, and talk to caring staff who can connect their family to critical resources. For the children and youth who walk through our doors, this help is absolutely life-changing.

Enjoying a meal at Hope Mission

For just $2.70, you can help children and youth flourish.

Your support is critical in providing care, guidance, and a safe environment for young people in our community.