Because Of You

1000 meals served daily
572beds provided each night
84people housed 2014
37865volunteer hours given 2014
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temp-discover@2x MEN We bring hope to men and women by providing food, shelter and spiritual care. We also work to restore lives broken by addiction through our Breakout (men) and Wellspring (women) recovery communities. Read more >
temp-woman WOMEN Each day, 1000 meals are served to men and women, and over 500 shelter beds are provided. Read more >
temp-child CHILDREN We work with children and youth to prevent the cycles of poverty that can lead to homelessness and addiction. We bring hope to kids through food and nutrition, relationships, physical activity and the love of Jesus. Read more >

Our 24/7 Rescue Van

Have you found someone on the streets in need of some immediate help?

The 24/7 Rescue Van, a converted ambulance, exists to provide basic human care for people living on the streets who may be in need, or in crisis, while also providing spiritual, emotional and social support.

Our Rescue Van will be dispatched by the EPS or EMS as required.  You can contact the Edmonton Police Service Non-Emergency line at 780-423-4567 or #377 (within Edmonton city limits), and if they deem the situation appropriate, they will dispatch the 24/7 Rescue Van.

The van can deliver bagged lunches, water and warm clothing and blankets. If someone desires to be taken to a shelter for a warm place to sleep, or if they are intoxicated, the Rescue Van can help.

Find out more about the 24/7 Rescue Van.