After losing everything and with nowhere else to stay, Jake began sleeping in the river valley at night – with only a sleeping bag to keep him warm.

“I tried to get people to help me, but it didn’t seem like anything was coming through.”

As the temperatures dropped, Jake began to worry more and more about his own health and safety. Without adequate shelter, it was difficult to sleep when he felt so exposed and vulnerable.

“I was scared to fall asleep at night time,” he shares, “You don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s dangerous.”

But then someone told Jake about Hope Mission and brought him to our doorstep. He was given hot, nutritious meals and could finally sleep in a safe, warm place. He began to confront his struggles with alcohol and joined the Breakout recovery community – where he was immediately welcomed in a supportive community to help him on his journey.

“The Breakout program has helped me put my life back together, get ready to go back to school, and become the person I wanted to be.”

Because of the kindness of people like you, Jake and others like him have joined recovery programs and are finding new ways to thrive within sobriety.

“I finally found a place I could succeed at Hope Mission.”

Right now, you can provide a meal and care for a hurting and hungry neighbour for just $2.70. For many, a simple meal can be the beginning of a journey towards healing, hope, and transformation.