Nicole, Wellspring

Nicole is redeemed. Having graduated from the Wellspring Recovery Community in 2015, Nicole was among our honoured guests at Hope Mission’s Annual Spring Banquet that same year.

Nicole lost everything because of her addiction. She and her husband slept in stairwells of apartment buildings, and Nicole landed in jail before coming to Hope Mission.

She describes how much her life has changed.

“Wellspring [Recovery Community] has given me tools to see who God wants me to be. I’m able to be happier and make decisions that are in line with God’s will for me,” says Nicole.

She points to the community of Wellspring, as one of the most amazing parts of her journey of recovery. She says that in the world of addiction and living on the streets, the idea of having a friendship with a woman is “outrageous.” But coming into the Wellspring community where women live, learn and journey together, the bonds of friendship and sisterhood form quickly and tightly.

“God wants us to be together as a community,” says Nicole. “We’re generations. We’re a family. We’re very much a big family.”

With that come support, love and understanding. And in times when things are difficult, Nicole knows where her strength comes from.

“Every time things get rocky or things get worrisome all I [have to] do is fix my eyes on Jesus and He calms the storm,” says Nicole.

“Even if the storm is still going on, He calms the storm between him and I. The storm can twist and rage all it wants, but when Jesus is there and my eyes are on Him, everything’s ok.”