Children in our community are hungry every day . . .

Do something truly life-changing for a child in need now

Childhood hunger is a critical and growing problem in our community. Without regular meals and proper nutrition, a child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual development will be impaired . . . today, and for the rest of his life.

You can make a life-changing difference for a child in need through Hope Mission’s Child Sponsorship Program.

For just $33 a month you can provide a child in the Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer areas with healthy meals in a fun, club-based environment that nurtures them spiritually, physically, intellectually, and more.

Do something truly life-changing for a child in need—sponsor a child through Hope Mission now.

Your $33 a month provides:


Healthy Meals


Healthy meals and snacks at every gathering, so that every child can grow in body and mind—Children with siblings or extenuating circumstances can also receive additional sack lunches or a bag of groceries to help their families.


Weekly Programs


Character growth—Children will enjoy fun, Bible-based songs, games, and other activities to help them build character and grow in faith.


Strength Development


Encouragement to develop strengths—Children will have the opportunity to grow strong physically and mentally as they learn to set goals and achieve them. One example—training to run a 5K.


Caring Adults


Solid role models—Children will be nurtured by caring mentors. Some children need tutoring, others need help with coping and problem-solving. All will experience Christ’s love as they discover their full potential.