Mike worked in the trades as a pipefitter for years.  After experimenting with drugs, he fell into full-blown addiction. His life spiraled out of control: he lost his job, home, his membership in the union and crashed his car. Homeless, he stayed at a friend’s house — still using. After a month of heavy drug use, Mike’s friend refused to let him stay any longer and dropped him off at the Hope Mission.

“I remember saying to one of the staff, ‘I don’t think i should be here.'”

Mike had lost everything. He was at his lowest point, and the desperate reality of his situation became clear to him. He found himself in an area where the deep pain of addiction and hopelessness is obvious and widespread. It opened his eyes to the choice he had to make.

“you can see how detrimental to your future addiction can be.”


Mike knew he had to make a change. Thankfully, he met one of the Hope Mission staff and shared his desire to get clean. A staff member told Mike about the Breakout Program, Hope Mission’s recovery program for men. After several calls, the next day he was introduced to the Breakout Staff and was accepted into the program.

 “HONESTLY, MY LIFE IS SO DIFFERENT from six months ago.”

Mike’s journey in recovery hasn’t been easy — he relapsed twice in his first month in the program. But he picked himself back up, and made a commitment to sobriety. He has now been clean and sober for five months.

“The faith aspect of the program — it’s been life-changing — it’s opened my eyes, that there’s something more important than just coasting through life.”

 Mike credits Hope Mission’s Breakout Program for saving his life and keeping him clean by introducing him to a newfound faith and appreciation for the gospel.

“The staff are extremely involved, they’re really caring, more like friends, not just teachers or someone just coming to work.”

Not only has the faith element of the program been helpful to Mike’s recovery, but the care the staff have shown him has been incredibly impactful throughout his journey in sobriety. He can’t stress enough the inspiration he finds in observing how positively the staff go about their work, interacting with the people in the recovery program in a genuine way.


“To see those who’ve come through the program and are now working here and still doing well is inspiring.” 

There are staff who were once like Mike, stuck in addiction, now thriving as they help others in their journey to recovery, which speaks to Mike’s desire to serve. Their dedication and passion to serve others has inspired him to look to his future, and the ways he too can serve others.


I’ve gone through a huge change from where I was. Right now, i have no desire to go back to drugs. i want to do something with my life, to be something for my kids.” 

The Breakout Program’s impact on his life isn’t lost on Mike. His outlook on life and priorities have dramatically shifted since joining the program. He wants to do something with his life — to help others and be the best father he can be for his kids.

“I’m very lucky I ended up at Hope Mission, Because I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

For Mike, his time at Hope Mission has been one of reflection and growing in his sobriety. He recognizes where he might have ended up if he hadn’t found help in time.

 When asked what he would like to say to people who support Hope Mission through prayer, donations and volunteering he had this to say:

“Thank you wouldn’t even be the proper words for our supporters.

 They provide for people like me, who need Hope mission’s programs and services — it saves lives.

God Bless them!”

Right now, you can provide a meal and care for a hurting and hungry neighbour for just $2.70. For many, a simple meal can be the beginning of a journey towards healing, hope, and transformation.