“I slept in garbage bins until somebody got crushed in one of them.”

After separating from his wife and rarely seeing his son, Miguel numbed his pain by drinking and taking drugs. His addiction took over his life and he became homeless for three and a half years. Miguel found himself in a desperate situation. He slept in garbage bins for shelter and often went hungry. Then he found Hope Mission.

“The Hope Mission became home when I lost my own.

Those meals did more than feed me, they rescued me.”

When Miguel stood in line for meals, he talked to other people experiencing hunger, addiction, and homelessness. Knowing that other people were going through similar situations helped Miguel feel not alone during that difficult time. Eventually, Miguel heard about Hope Mission’s addiction recovery program, Breakout.

“The program planted a seed, a hunger for recovery. A hunger for not wanting to live a lifestyle that destroyed me. Hope Mission has done that for me.”

Miguel accepted that he needed help and entered Breakout. He successfully graduated and is now helping others in the community. Miguel is so thankful for the donors who helped save his life through a simple hot meal and eventually, life-changing recovery.

“The donor has the ability to change people’s lives Forever!”

Right now, you can change someone’s life by providing a meal and care for just $2.70. For many, a simple meal can be the beginning of a journey towards healing, hope, and transformation.