My life before Hope Mission was a lot of chaos, a lot of struggle.

A single mother from a young age, unthinkable tragedy struck Lori when her young son passed away in the care of her ex-boyfriend.

Reeling from his death, she plunged down a self-destructive path. She alienated herself from her family and friends and was unable to address her trauma to begin the healing process.  Last year, she was arrested and wound up in a jail cell with no place to go.

It was in that cell that Lori realized she needed help. Remembering her late grandmother’s advice to pray, she cried out to God for help.

I really believe in my heart that it was because of God that I am here [at Hope Mission] today.

Lori began to investigate several addiction recovery programs. Hope Mission’s women’s recovery program called Wellspring caught her eye. She had heard of Hope Mission because she had grown up in the inner city — it was like home for her. After navigating the process, she was accepted into the program.

Her life has never been the same since.

Every day I grow in faith, in love, in compassion, in empathy. There’s just so many ways you grow.

Now over 7 months sober, Lori is thriving into the program and has found a place where she can find healing, recovery and hope.

Today, I want my recovery. I want a life, I want a future, I want a family. I have hope today because of being here at Wellspring and at the Hope Mission.

When Hope Mission gets the help and the prayers it saves another life, it gives another woman hope.

Right now, you can provide a meal and care for a hurting and hungry neighbour for just $2.70. For many, a simple meal can be the beginning of a journey towards healing, hope, and transformation.