“I was a teenage runaway. I struggled with drugs and alcohol. I felt alone, and helpless, hopeless—like I was broken.”

Sleeping on the cold city sidewalks, Brittany felt so lost and alone that she wanted to end her own life. She was broken from years of gripping addiction, and it seemed everything she had once hoped to live for, was gone.

“One of the workers [at the shelter] asked me what she could do for me. She saved my life.”

Once Brittany was able to voice a yearning to rid herself of the toxicity in her life, a Hope Mission representative was immediately there to assist her. That’s when the transformation began—away from drugs and toward Christ.

“The community here is amazing—it’s nice to have somebody around all the time to talk to. And I’m just looking forward to living out God’s given purpose for me.”

Spending time with the other women, finding new hobbies, and even volunteering in the kitchen, Brittany’s heart is filled with hope for the first time since she fell into addiction.

“Now that my life is turned around and I’m sober and I have God in my life, I have something to look forward to. Without God, I wouldn’t be here.”

Best of all, Brittany’s relationship with God is strengthening daily, and she no longer feels like she has nothing to live for. Although the journey is still often difficult, the Lord is guiding and strengthening her amidst temptation. We are all so proud of the significant progress she’s made over the past year!

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