A Call To Prayer: Part Two


Pray that children and youth would see God provide today

I noticed Kiera was sitting on the couch that day. The normally bubbly and energetic teenager was sitting with her arms crossed, scowling and withdrawn, not talking to anyone. I went up to her to ask how her day was going. “I don’t want to be here” was her response. As she is a teen who is able to come and go as she pleases I asked her why she was at Hope Mission if she didn’t want to be. “My mom said I have to eat supper here tonight because there’s not enough food at home.”

“Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy. May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today the food we need.” Matthew 6:9-11, NLT

It is not uncommon for Hope Mission teams to see poverty and need in our line of work. The child who wears shoes a few sizes too big or small because there isn’t money for new shoes. The kid who takes home extra sandwiches at the end of program for her brothers and sisters. The mother that calls because she had to move suddenly and did not have time to pack clothes for her kids. Hope Mission has the opportunity to come alongside children, youth, and families in their times of need and to provide for physical needs as we are able.

When Jesus walked on this earth he took time to meet the physical needs of the people he met. Our Saviour took time to reach out and extend a healing touch to the leper. Jesus broke bread to feed the thousands who were hungry. Our God cares about all of our needs.


Prayer Request #1

Join us in praying for children, youth, and families to experience God’s PROVISION in their lives.



Join us in praying for PROVISION that will enable the cycle of poverty to be broken.



Join us in praying for God to PROVIDE for every spoken and unspoken need.

*Kiera had a healthy hot supper and went home for the night. She continues to come to Hope Mission for meals and has built a number of relationships with staff members who love and care for her. Most days she does want to be here!

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