A Call To Prayer: Part Five


Pray that children and youth would encounter Jesus Christ and come to know him as their personal Lord and Saviour

When Sienna first came to one of Hope Mission’s youth groups she peppered Alan, who was leading the group, with questions about God and the beginning of the earth and the Bible. Despite having grown up in Canada her entire life she had never heard the gospel or read the Bible. Realizing that the questions were not going to stop, Alan gave Sienna a Bible and told her to read the first few chapters of Genesis and to come back with her questions then. Sienna took that Bible home and started with Genesis 1. She continued on to Genesis 2 and then the next chapter and the next. Sienna stayed up until 2 in the morning reading and came back to Alan the next day informing him she had read all the way to Moses in the book of Exodus. Sienna was searching for truth and hope and answers and something about what Alan was saying and the words she read in the Bible were speaking to her.

“For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16, NLT

Hope Mission exists to introduce kids like Sienna to the life changing good news of Jesus. When I first began working with children and youth through Hope Mission I was surprised to hear the number of kids who have never been in a church (except for maybe a funeral or wedding). I was challenged to explain the gospel in words that made sense to kids like Sierra as words like “resurrection” and “born again” were foreign, confusing, and misunderstood.

There is hope and healing that can be found only in Christ. Everything we do, all of the games played, relationships built, snacks & healthy meals served, we do so we can share the love of Christ. Through word and deed we want to introduce kids to the most significant person they will ever meet, our Saviour!


Prayer Request #1

Join us in praying for children and youth to ENCOUNTER Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, their hope and healer, their best friend, the one who will never leave him or her.



Join us in praying for kids like Johny to ENCOUNTER the One who gives hope to our mission.

*Sienna went on to commit her life to Christ and so did her brother. They have moved to another neighbourhood in the city but the last update was that their mother was going to church with them. An entire family changed!

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