We believe that this is a critical time to be reaching the next generation. We want to build bridges to new opportunities and hope for children in need in our province. Our vision is to prevent future pain, addiction, and homelessness by providing hurting and hungry kids with healthy meals in a fun, club-based environment that nurtures them spiritually, physically, intellectually, and more.

Our programs will operate out of our drop-in centres and schools that we have partnered with. Our generous donors have given us hope that No Child Hungry in Alberta can become a reality.

1 in 6

children in Alberta live in food insecure households

(Source: Statistics Canada, CCHS, 2015-16)

The men and women who end up at the doors of Hope Mission are often the hurting and hungry children of yesterday. Those who are desperate to escape the experience of homelessness will come to Hope Mission to access shelter, meals, and addiction recovery. Far too often, we hear heartbreaking stories from these guests where they tell us that they were missing important building blocks from childhood that could have set them up for success. 

We are deeply concerned that if we do not reach the children of today with the physical, spiritual, and emotional care that they need to thrive – they will be standing in our lines for meals and shelter in the years to come. And with 1 in 6 children in Alberta living in food insecure households, this is becoming a growing concern and burden on our hearts. When kids are hungry, they aren’t able to focus on succeeding in school and building healthy relationships.

A generous gift of $396 will provide a year of support and care to a hurting and hungry child in your community like Emily:


Three years ago, Emily was in a very dark place and was desperate for any glimmer of hope. When things started falling apart at home she didn’t know where to turn. Her older sister was pregnant and fleeing an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, this led to serious threats against Emily’s family. Her anxiety began to spiral. 

Things only got worse when she found out that her mom was getting back together with her dad. He was getting out of prison soon and had broken Emily’s heart several years ago on her birthday when he walked out on the family. Emily had almost nobody that she could talk to – and she felt completely hopeless.


A friend found Emily crying at school that week and asked her what was going on. With tears in her eyes, she was able to open up about her struggles at home. Her friend told her about Hope Mission’s program for kids and youth and encouraged Emily to drop by that week. For the first time in a long time, things were starting to look like they might get better.

The first week Emily came to Hope Mission, she was welcomed into a loving and caring environment where she was able to fill up on nutritious food, learn new games, and meet new friends. Most importantly, she was able to share her struggles with positive role models.

 “It meant so much that there were loving staff that I could open up to. There was no judgement – only love.”


For the past three years, Emily has continued to come to our after-school programs every single week. The staff have seen so much growth and change in Emily over the years. Her positivity and hope are contagious. And after being connected with a youth group in a local church, she has even started inviting her friends from program to join her there as well.

I can see the hope and joy in the eyes of my staff when they talk about kids like Emily who are being reached daily at Hope Mission. “This is a place that these kids can come to every single day because they know that they are loved, cared for, and supported.”

Emily’s home life can still have its ups and downs, but she knows that our afterschool program is a safe place where she can continue to grow into the hope-filled person that she is today.

By giving kids access to meals in a loving environment where they can belong, you are helping to break the cycles of poverty. Together we can break these cycles and give the next generation a brighter future – but we need your help.

We have a plan to bring life-changing programs to hurting and hungry kids across Alberta this year. These programs have been specifically tailored from our experience working with homeless men and women. Our plan is to feed and care for 1750 children this year – that’s 1750 lives that will be changed forever.

Will you join us in this vision for the next generation by making a generous gift today? Your gift of $396 will provide a year’s worth of life-changing program for a child in need.

Thank you in advance for sharing your blessing with children in need. Together, we can build new opportunities and hope for this next generation by ending child hunger in Alberta – one meal at a time.

Yes! I will give kids in need access to life-changing programs!