Nancy's Story

I have an incredible story to share with you today about the faithfulness of God and the way that He saved my life. It’s a story of how He gave me a second chance at a beautiful future, filled with hope – and I hope you’ll consider how you can bring the same hope to someone else in a desperate situation.

Nancy reminds us that no one is beyond hope

My name is Nancy, and I have been an addict and alcoholic for most of my adult life. When I was 18, I began working as a bartender. Drinking was just part of the culture at work, and that spilled into my home life. I began drinking at home alone, and became a functioning alcoholic. As my career moved forward, I became the manager of a pub, and that’s when I became severely addicted to alcohol. I relied on it completely and needed it every day just to function.

I knew that this wasn’t normal and I had a problem. I tried to address it by trying detox and multiple treatment centres, but nothing seemed to stick. My body was so used to alcohol by that point and I don’t think I had the right mindset for recovery. I kept trying treatment and detox, but then failing.

“I knew that I was a slave to alcohol

and I felt powerless to stop it.”

Alcohol was destroying my life – but then I switched addictions and began using something even more destructive. I became addicted to hard drugs, which defined my life for the last ten years. 

I felt completely trapped and was totally isolated in my addiction. I was living with my boyfriend and didn’t go out very much – I was basically a homebody. My boyfriend completely catered to me, but he also catered to my addiction. 

I felt stuck, hopeless, and full of despair. Lost in addiction, I felt that my life was meaningless. I didn’t think I held any value. In 2018, I decided to take my own life. I jumped off of Groat Road Bridge and fell 19 feet onto the concrete. It is a complete miracle that I survived. I shouldn’t be here writing my story to you today.

I suffered devastating injuries and needed multiple surgeries. I spent five months in the hospital. Afterwards, I went into the rehab hospital for a month, but my injuries were so significant there wasn’t much they could do. To this day, I can’t straighten my arms and I still walk with a significant limp. After my hospital stay, I thought about joining Wellspring, Hope Mission’s recovery program for women. I even made it all the way downtown – but I was scared. Even though I had been given a second chance, I wasn’t ready for it yet, and I fell back into old habits.

I continued my drug use until I suffered another heartbreak when my boyfriend passed away suddenly. He was the one who had been supporting both of us, and without him, I had no income. New locks were put on my doors and I was evicted because I had no way of paying rent. I had no income support, no savings – I had nothing. When I was evicted, everything I owned was put outside on the front yard and was later stolen. I had lost everything and had nowhere to go. I was homeless and felt utterly defeated.

I found my nephew, who was also living on the streets at the time, and he helped look out for me for a while. Homelessness can be an extremely dangerous situation for a woman – especially a woman who is on her own. We moved around wherever we could crash for a little while, but we had no place to call home, and I never felt truly safe.

Lives are changed everyday, here at Hope Mission

“My life completely turned around when I ended up at the doors of Hope Mission.”

Here, I was given hot meals and a safe, warm place to sleep – and one day I knew I wanted my life to look different. I had finally had enough. I was referred to their recovery program and today, as I write to you, my life has completely changed

Joining the Wellspring recovery community has made my life totally unrecognizable from what it looked like a year ago. Today, I’m happier. I’ve committed to God and been baptized. I look at it as a total turnover – my whole life has changed for the better. I’m at peace with God, and I’m at peace with who I am now. 

I’ve found success in this program – and I believe that the faith aspect has been the real difference for me. The difference is the focus on God in Wellspring, and it has been such a blessing to me in sobriety.

I was familiar with faith as a child. My mom was a Christian, so I knew a little bit about God, but I wasn’t into Sunday School when I was young and my mom didn’t pressure me. She let me choose what I wanted to do and be. And I think I always knew that in the end I would come back to God. That’s where recovery leads you – back to God and back to where you should be.

“I’m not hopeless anymore.”

I’m still dealing with the long-term repercussions of my injuries, but I see the accident as a stepping stone in my life. I think I needed that miracle to help me grow as a person. I needed God to intervene in such a major way that I would turn to Him when I was finally ready for recovery. 

I shouldn’t have survived that fall, but I did. God gave me a second chance at life and I feel incredibly grateful. Because my life was saved that day, I was able to find my way to Wellspring, and begin a life of sobriety. It’s not easy, and I still have a lot of things that I’m working through. But today, I’m at peace. 

The person I was three years ago would be incredibly shocked and delighted to see who I am today. I really never expected to get sober. I never thought that I could have a new chance at hope. I didn’t think a beautiful future was possible. I am not the same person that I once was – I’m someone I never thought I would have the chance to be.

God saved my life that night on the bridge, and Hope Mission showed me that recovery is possible. Today, I’m part of a community of women that cares for each other and roots for each other as we all work on our sobriety. I’m living in a safe place and I have big and beautiful plans for my future. I am living proof of God’s faithfulness – and that no one is too far from hope.



P.S. This was an incredibly life-changing program for me and I hope you’ll consider providing it to someone else. I was able to find a new path forward because of a compassionate donor like you who made it possible for me to join Wellspring. There are so many other men and women like me who are feeling lost or stuck in their life, but hope and healing are all possible. Thank you so much – I really can’t tell you how big of a difference you can make for someone like me.