Holidays are some of my favourite times of the year! Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are a time that we get to spend with our families and be thankful for all that we have. While a lot of us are used to the fact that we have family and will not be alone during the holidays, that is not a reality for many people in our world.

Holidays can be a time that is not joyous, but a time that brings hurt, grief, and pain. Holidays can be some of the darkest times of the year for people who are struggling – a reminder of all the negative in their life. It is almost as if the holidays are a time that emphasizes the reality for some people that they are unable to provide for the physical needs of their family or that they lack loved ones to support them.

Most organizations try to do something special for people in need to help them see that they are cared for and that they can find a family in the community of that organization. Special holiday turkey dinners are available to the community that are filled with caring staff and volunteers. These staff and volunteers are willing to welcome someone who feels lonely or rejected into a warm and inviting room. The scent of cooked turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and vegetables fill the air as guests pour into the dining rooms. Smiling faces welcome everyone in with unconditional love. With these dinners, all judgement is lost. No one is turned away for how they look, what they wear, or what their status is.

Everyone is welcome.

To make someone feel they are loved or cared for doesn’t have to be a big act – it can be something simple and small, but can have a profound impact on an individual. Easter reminds me of hope. There is a lot of hope in this season, so it’s a good time to think of how we can bring hope to others during this time. Going into this season, ask your family two questions:

1) What do you hope for this holiday season?

2) How can you give hope to someone this Easter?

Let Easter be a time of reflection on how we can spread hope to the people around us!

If you and your children would like to make our Easter meal special by providing us some decorations for the dining room, click on the link below to download the decoration sheet!