Kids in Action 5K Race

In 2015, 295 kids ran their hearts out at the Kids in Action 5K Race. Kids trained since the beginning of the school year in preparation to run those five kilometres.  It was a big goal and one they all worked hard to reach.

The Kids in Action 5K Race builds confidence and fitness into the lives of kids living in difficult circumstances. Confidence and care make a world of difference for a kid. It can mean the difference between breaking the cycle of poverty or becoming trapped in it.

Through training hard and setting goals, kids learn strength and endurance. The Kids in Action 5K Race promotes a healthy, active lifestyle for kids, but more than that, kids experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with perseverance.

“Running makes me happy. When I run outside and not in a school, the wind hits my face and it feels good.” Kids in Action race participant

The Kids in Action 5K Race is a celebration. Each and every kid, no matter where they finish in the race, is cheered for, high-fived and encouraged when they cross the finish line.

Because that’s what matters.

Setting a goal and achieving it. As one of our Kids in Action staff members says, “it’s about crushing goals.”

In October 2015, Hope Mission brought Kids in Action to Red Deer, serving kids and families in four schools in the city. Our Kids in Action program serves around 170 kids. Our Kids in Action staff teach, inspire and encourage kids to provide hope for a brighter future.