We Need Your Opinion

Hope Mission 2024 Survey

As a supporter of Hope Mission, your ideas and opinions are important to us.

Please take a moment to complete the following survey. Your answers will help us to plan for the long-term future of our mission to serve, strengthen and uplift men, women, youth and children through the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

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1) I support Hope Mission because: (Select all that apply):
a. Meals & Emergency Care - providing basic human care, food, clothing, spiritual, emotional, and social support for people living on the streets; 24/7 Rescue van.
b. Provide Housing - helping people leave the streets; providing emergency shelter, working toward individuals finding a home of their own.
c. Provide Recovery and Spiritual Care - providing year-long recovery communities to help men and women struggling with addiction make positive changes in their lives.
d. Provide Mental and Physical Health - safe, positive, compassionate care, responsive to each person at our Health Centre.
e. Children & Youth - supporting kids through afterschool mentoring, summer camp opportunities and a safe place to connect at ministry centres across Alberta.