This giving tuesday, 

Give shelter,



Since 1929, Hope Mission has been meeting the needs of those who are hurting, hungry, and homeless in Edmonton. One of the most urgent needs is shelter. For years, Hope Mission has provided shelter to people who have nowhere else to go – as well as access to recovery programs and other services through the Herb Jamieson Centre.

But this building is now old, at capacity many nights of the year, and has limited access for those with low mobility. Your help is urgently needed to rebuild the Herb Jamieson Centre.

Building a new Herb Jamieson Centre will provide safe, accessible shelter, better access to addiction recovery programs, and much needed medical care.

We recently sat down with Paul, a Breakout Recovery Program Graduate and staff member who serves at the current Herb Jamieson Centre. Paul knows firsthand the incredible impact that a new building will have on the community.

The need is great. This cannot be done without your support. When you give a gift to rebuild the Herb Jamieson Centre you will be transforming lives for years to come. 

How your gift of shelter for the new Herb Jamieson Centre will transform lives:

Day and Night

The new Herb Jamieson Centre will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The building will provide safe and accessible shelter and will be a place where people can take the steps to access programs and services to get their life back on track. 

Shelter for all

The new building will include ramps and an elevator that will improve accessibility for people with low mobility to safely enter and exit the building and access the services and programs offered.

Life-changing care

The shelter will include a fully staffed medical facility of doctors and nurses who will provide specialized care to patients who desperately need it. 

Give shelter, transform lives.