As families across Alberta prepare for the start of another school year, there are thousands of kids who are worried about returning to school with an empty stomach.

Childhood hunger is a critical issue that kids in many classrooms across Alberta are facing. When kids like Jack have little or no food to eat at school it can be determinantal to their learning and development.

Jack is a little boy in grade two and often comes to school with an empty stomach. This lack of food can impact Jack’s growing body and his mind – and it makes him feel afraid and insecure. How can you strengthen Jack and support him as he grows? How can you give him hope?

It all starts with a meal.

At Hope Mission, our door is always open to children in need. And it is our priority to serve these meals in an extra special way at each school that we work in. At Jack’s school, we wanted to make sure that these kids are being served with dignity. That’s why while Jack is in class, we sneak a lunch in his locker so that he doesn’t have to worry about what he will do over the lunch hour when everybody else is eating.

The first time Jack found a lunch that we had put in his locker, he brought it to a teacher and asked, “Is this really for me?” When the teacher told him that it really was just for him it brought tears to his eyes. It was unexpected and it meant so much to him that somebody was looking out for him and taking care of his needs.

This school year, we are planning to serve 5000 meals to hurting and hungry kids like Jack all across Alberta. But we need your help!

We are getting ready for the school year, and making plans with schools to indicate how many kids Hope Mission can feed and care for this year. Can you help by providing meals for children? We are so passionate to reach every child we can, all across our province. We have seen the pain that is caused when the hurting and hungry children of yesterday become the men and women standing in line for shelter and meals at Hope Mission. You can prevent that pain, but we need to act now.

Each meal only costs $2.70 – and it will feed a child like Jack.