A reopening decision for the school year has been made, and kids are going back to school.

The story below is from the most recent school year before kids were told to stay home.  For families across Alberta who were already struggling, the situation has only gotten worse because of the pandemic. 

David’s Story

12-year-old David knows what it’s like to go hungry. His mom does her best to provide — but after losing her job she struggles to make ends meet as a single mother. Today — like most days — he has no breakfast. Making his way onto the bus, he sits down with the other children who laugh and chatter happily among themselves. He does his best to put on a brave face and tries to ignore the dull ache in his stomach.

At school, David finds it difficult to focus on the paper in front of him. His teacher is growing more and more concerned as David’s grades have been falling. It’s noon and his stomach is growling. He tries to look busy so no one will notice he is going without lunch for the second time this week. Embarrassed and discouraged, he just wants to get the day over with. Once he arrives home, he rushes to the kitchen, desperately hoping that there might be something to eat.

“Sometimes it’s nothing, and the fridge is empty.”

The thought of going back to school hungry in the fall overwhelms and frightens David — he needs our help.  Heartbreakingly, there are more children just like David who face the same uncertain school year.

The Plan

At Hope Mission, we are committed to feeding vulnerable children like David throughout the school year — no matter what happens. As long as schools are open, we’ll be delivering healthy lunches and snacks to hungry kids. We also plan on continuing to deliver life-changing food hampers to families so that whatever happens this school year, these children don’t have to go hungry.

Your gift makes all the difference

We’ve got a flexible plan for the fall to ensure that hungry children are fed — but we need your help. For just $2.70, you can provide these hurting and hungry kids nutritious meals so they can focus on learning, growing, and flourishing. Your gift today will give them hope for tomorrow.