Discover the key stories and statistics behind the impact your generosity has made through Hope Mission.

Director’s Message

Whether challenge or change, trial or success, when I look back over this past year I’m reminded once again,
that at the heart of this ministry are hearts of understanding and compassion. Ultimately, I’m reminded that
it’s God’s grace and the concern and open-handedness of supporters that have put us here for a primary

That purpose has remained our watchword for 85 years. Hope—the hope inherent in God’s love, the hope offered
through Jesus Christ—is reflected in the transformational stories that come through our recovery communities,
programs and camps.

Through it all, as recounted here in our Annual Report, lives are being renewed, strengthened and uplifted. For
this we are eternally thankful; and to this we remain steadfastly committed.

On behalf of the directors, staff, interns and volunteers, thank you for your faithfulness, your prayers, your
spirit of generosity and care. God’s special love and compassion for the destitute and despairing is evidenced
through you.

God bless you,


Bruce Reith,

Executive Director, Hope Mission

Stories of Hope

Hans BehrensHans’ Story

A New Focus Brings Freedom

At most mealtimes, you will see Hans—a large friendly presence—manning the doors. He smiles at the folks filing out, wishing them the best, hoping for the best. For a long time he was part of the line.

Crack cocaine controlled his life, contorted his days. Eventually it inflicted, as yet, an untreatable bacteria in his blood. He was hospitalized. Then, having come through surgery on an arterial valve, and despite warnings and his own promises to the surgeon, within
three days he was back using.

“I was on the street again, and I was sick, the bottoms of my feet were all blistered up, all I knew was that if I didn’t get help, I’d be dead.”

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Camp counsellor with camperBrightwood Ranch Camp

A Counselor’s Story

Camp was over. And in another week September came and I went home, looking forward to university—second year—but looking forward to seeing my parents more. And at supper, that night, I ask my mom this: “Why does a teenager have to feel like she is alone with no one looking out for her?” My mom looks at me; we’re silent; she understands.

I’ll tell you this, I think of Melissa—that’s her beautiful name—I will for a long time. I console myself, thankful for the time we had, the chat…no, the talk.

Maybe she thinks of me as well. I pray for her. Perhaps she’ll find a home, a home-life. At least I know while she was at camp, she was cared for, assured she was loved.

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Thanks to You (Key Statistics)

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