Your Kindness Can Bring Hope 24/7

The Need For A Day Shelter In Edmonton

As we enter the coldest days of the year, we are deeply concerned. You may not know this, but Hope Mission is the only shelter for the homeless to sleep during the day in Edmonton.

The daily experience of homelessness is a grueling journey of isolation and stress. Addiction tries to numb the pain, and existing mental illnesses are worsened by the pressures of trying to find a safe place in the midst of real danger. What does a homeless person need? The first step is often just sleep: the kind of sleep that can only come in a safe, warm place.

Hope Mission is the only shelter in Edmonton where someone experiencing homelessness can sleep during the day. Sometimes a person comes to our doors for a meal and we know they just need a place to rest. If that opportunity passes, we may never see that person again. Keeping 24/7 shelter open through the coldest days of winter is critical to being able to meet each person’s need at the moment of opportunity.

And as winter approaches and the temperatures begin to drop, the need for safe, warm places only increases in urgency. The homeless need a place to go to be warm and safe. We know that there are hundreds of people who will need this kind of support this winter.

Right now you have the opportunity to be the solution that these people need.


150 beds available


Doctors on staff


Access to resources

Your Kindness Steps In To Provide The Solution

Hope Mission has put together a plan to keep 150 beds during the day. We have the experience, doctors, and trained staff to operate a shelter – we even have a refurbished ambulance that can roam the streets picking people up who need this care! But we need your support to keep 150 safe, warm beds open during the day.

You can reach out to your neighbours today and give them warmth.

What will it take? We need to raise $660,000 to keep the 24/7 Shelter open for the year. We have a goal to raise 1/3 of that, $220,000 before the end of this year. That’s why we are doing a special 24/7 Shelter Campaign to give warm shelter to our neighbours in need.

Would you consider helping with a gift to provide shelter?