2020 Annual Report

Despite the incredible challenges our most vulnerable neighbours faced in 2020, I have been so encouraged by God’s faithfulness and the steadfast care and compassion of donors and supporters like you.

Just as we saw a dramatic increase in need, you stepped up to the challenge unlike any other time to continue transforming lives and restoring hope. Many became housed for the very first time, others graduated from our recovery programs, and construction began on the biggest project in Hope Mission’s history: rebuilding the Herb Jamieson Centre.

Within this Annual Report, you’ll find heartwarming stories from men, women, and children who have all been impacted by your kindness. Your support has made stories like these possible.

On behalf of everyone at Hope Mission, thank you. The need is great — but the generosity of people like you is even greater. Thank you for transforming lives.

God bless you,

Bruce Reith

Executive Director

Wayne’s Story

After losing his job, Wayne watched as his life began to collapse all around him. He couldn’t keep up with the bills and it wasn’t long before he lost his home. Wayne found himself homeless, hungry, and all alone on the streets.

“I didn’t want to live anymore because of the discouragement on the street. I didn’t know where to go. I was on the street by myself — walking alone, sleeping alone.”

Finding a place like Hope Mission changed Wayne’s life. Your generosity welcomed him through our doors and it was in the meal line that he first heard about Breakout — Hope Mission’s addiction recovery program for men.

It’s been several months since that day, and Wayne has seen a dramatic change. 

“When hope comes – however it comes – it could save a person’s life.”

Today, he is no longer suicidal, discouraged, and hopeless. He has hope and wants to see others also have their lives changed. Thank you for saving lives this year. You are making such a difference in the community — especially in this pandemic.

Renewal for Lori

The death of Lori’s son sent her down a long, dark road of pain and addiction. “I never got help for the grief because I thought I could handle it. But I lost myself… I lost all control and burnt so many bridges.” She alienated herself from her family and friends and didn’t have the strength to address the trauma and begin her healing process. Eventually her self-destructive path got her arrested, convicted, and in jail with no place to go.

Lori remembers the pain of sitting in a jail cell feeling so lost and alone. In her moment of despair, she remembered the words of her great grandmother who used to encourage her to pray through every situation. She prayed for help and through a search for recovery programs, Lori found Hope Mission. There, Lori was able to find the help she needed. She was given hot meals, shelter, and had the opportunity to find healing through the Wellspring addiction recovery program for women.

“I have hope today because of being here at Wellsping and at the Hope Mission.”

“The donations, prayers, and support that Hope Mission gets, it saves lives. It gives another woman hope for a future.” Thank you for giving the gift of hope to women like Lori. Your generosity is changing lives even in the midst of this crisis.

Hope Begins With A Meal

A few days ago, the staff at Hope Mission called a family whose kids are part of the after-school programs to see how they were doing in light of the school closures and lack of access to food supports at school.

Many of the families Hope Mission serves live paycheck to paycheck and are unable to get to the stores until their next pay day. Kelsey, the mother of the family, shared how they had gone to the grocery store and had been unable to find what they needed as many of the shelves were empty. She was devastated. Her cupboards were now bare and she didn’t know how she was going to feed her children.

Thankfully, the team was able to drop off a food hamper. When the team came to leave the food on the front steps, the entire family was at the window waving and smiling. They shouted hellos and called out the names of the staff! It was a heartwarming moment that your generosity made possible. Because of you, families that are struggling during this crisis know they don’t have to face it alone. They have nutritious meals and hope for tomorrow.

Janice, a mother of three, recently called the staff at Hope Mission. She shared how she had no transportation and a medical condition that placed her at high risk for contracting COVID-19. Distressed, she had no idea how she was going to get food for her family. Because of you, we were able to drop a food hamper at her door and she was so thankful for the help during this time. The family’s needs are met and they have hope for the future.


48% Donations

32% Government

12% Foundations/Trusts

4% Health Clinic/Nursing Station

2% Social Housing Rent

2% Thrift Store & Other Income


57% Men’s Services

10% Children’s Programs

5% Health Clinic/Nursing Staff

4% Women’s Services

4% Youth Programs

 4% General Programs

12% Resource Development

 4% Administration

You can write the next story of transformation!