Read stories of transformation and how you helped give hope in 2015.

Director’s Message

Another year has passed. I’m continually amazed and appreciative of how, year after year, generous donors have sustained our work of spreading hope. God’s faithful hand is abundantly clear, not only in every donation, but from the very first moment of Hope Mission’s inception.

On September 22, 1929, the Edwardsons opened the doors of Hope Mission for the first time.

Harold Edwardson was a young seaman who grew up on the northern coast of Norway. He responded passionately to God’s call when he walked into a Salvation Army one day. Within a few years, he had moved to Canada, and to Edmonton in particular, in order to carry out God’s work. He was prepared for a life of service.

In fact, Harold and Hillie Edwardson gave much more than a life of service.

Hope Mission began as a soup kitchen during the Great Depression, under the Edwardsons heartfelt and hard-working watch. They shepherded the mission until 1945. Thousands and thousands of lives have been touched and changed since then because of their dedicated faithfulness.

The Edwardsons built the foundation of Hope Mission, but it is donors like you that have continued the work. You enable us to offer safe shelter, nourishing meals, and life-changing programs.

On behalf of all of us at Hope Mission, thank you. With your help, God’s love and compassion continues to reach hundreds of hungry, homeless and hurting people every single day.

God bless you,


Bruce Reith,

Executive Director, Hope Mission

Stories of Hope


Guests enjoy a meal at Hope MissionA meal at Hope Mission – more than simply food

We often say around Hope Mission that “hope begins with a meal.” This is especially true for holiday meals like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

When our hungry and hurting guests enter the doors for these holiday meals, we want them to feel the love and acceptance of Christ. It is only through your generosity that we’re able to share that hope.

In addition to enjoying delicious and nutritious meals, Hope Mission guests experience the festivity of different holidays with decorations, music, entertainment, gifts, activities for kids, and more. Guests feel particularly encouraged when they read the personal notes and greetings from donors like you.

200 turkeys. 125 hams. That’s just a fraction of the food we served for holiday meals in 2015.

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Dustin, BreakoutGod in the driver’s seat – Dustin’s story

“I’m just here for the ride. God’s the one doing all the driving.”

There’s something remarkable about seeing how people change when they come to Hope Mission for care, support and recovery. Every day, we see brokenness, deep pain, and past hurts in those who come through our doors. But, amidst that pain and hurt, there is hope. There is light. And we see that hope in the brave men and women who join our recovery communities.

Dustin came to the Breakout Recovery Community in 2015. For more than half of his life, Dustin lived in cycles of addiction and jail. He was using and selling drugs, which landed him in jail numerous times. Dustin describes it as “going in circles.” During the times he was out of jail, he’d go back to the people who he thought were his friends, but that just led back to a life of crime.

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Nicole, WellspringFixing her eyes on Jesus – Nicole’s story

Nicole is redeemed. Having graduated from the Wellspring Recovery Community in 2015, Nicole was among our honoured guests at Hope Mission’s Annual Spring Banquet that same year.

Nicole lost everything because of her addiction. She and her husband slept in stairwells of apartment buildings, and Nicole landed in jail before coming to Hope Mission.

She describes how much her life has changed.

“Wellspring [Recovery Community] has given me tools to see who God wants me to be. I’m able to be happier and make decisions that are in line with God’s will for me,” says Nicole.

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Edmonton KIA 2 - AR 2Creating brighter futures for Alberta kids

In 2015, 295 kids ran their hearts out at the Kids in Action 5K Race. Kids trained since the beginning of the school year in preparation to run those five kilometres. It was a big goal and one they all worked hard to reach.

The Kids in Action 5K Race builds confidence and fitness into the lives of kids living in difficult circumstances.

Confidence and care make a world of difference for a kid. It can mean the difference between breaking the cycle of poverty or becoming trapped in it. Through training hard and setting goals, kids learn strength and endurance. The Kids in Action 5K Race promotes a healthy, active lifestyle for kids, but more than that, kids experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with perseverance.

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Hope Mission Summer CampRenewing joy at Hope Mission Summer Camp

Hope Mission Summer Camp is a life-changing experience. It’s a place where deep relationships are formed. Kids who might otherwise not have the opportunity to go to summer camp find mentors, friends, and cheerleaders who care about them.

Through the excitement of an outdoor activity, quiet moments in reflection, or talking to someone who wants to listen – kids learn of a God who loves them, and in whom they can put their trust.

For kids who come to camp for the first time, it can be a daunting new experience, and yet, through counsellors who take the time to listen and get to know campers and their stories, hope begins to arise.

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