Hope For Men

Food & Clothing


Every day over 1000 meals are provided by Hope Mission, free of charge. We serve three meals a day, five days a week with brunch and dinner on weekends. Hope Mission also distributes clothing to those in need, through the Hope Bargain Shoppe.

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Shelter & Housing


Hope Mission has been helping people leave the streets and discover a place they can call home for over 80 years. We provide emergency shelter for those who need a safe, dry, warm place to get a good night’s sleep. Our ultimate goal is to help individuals find a home of their own.

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Recovery & Spiritual Care


For men struggling with addiction, we provide a 12-Step year long recovery community called Breakout. Our hope is rooted in the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and from that source we seek to meet not only the physical needs of our guests, but spiritual needs as well.

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24/7 Rescue Van


The 24/7 Rescue Van, a converted ambulance, exists to provide basic human care for people living on the streets who may be in need, or in crisis, while also providing spiritual, emotional and social support.

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Men’s Stories of Hope

Shop our Gift Catalogue and your Christmas gift could change a life like Valerie’s!

“Fear not, I bring you good news of great joy.”   There’s still time to give the gift of hope to a hurting neighbour. Visit Hope Mission’s Christmas Catalogue today! When you shop Hope Mission’s CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE you provide immediate care to someone in deep need. But your gift offers more than basic care. It sends hope, offers... Read More ›

The Meal You Give This Christmas Could Save a Life

  Dear Friend, Because of your compassion, Hope Mission is making a difference for people like Vera. Here Vera found food, shelter, spiritual nourishment and healing. “Hope Mission helped me come to terms with all the pain, all those hopeless messages. I discovered God’s presence, God’s forgiveness and faithfulness. What I got here was love!”... Read More ›

An Awe-Inspiring Baptismal Service

  “It was a stunning testimony of overcoming abuse and following the Lord, now, with all his heart, soul and mind.” That’s Pastor Alan talking about one young man’s testimony at Hope Mission’s recent annual baptismal service at Alberta Beach. To see God’s love turning hearts and changing minds; to hear the stories of lives... Read More ›

Find out why this man’s life has been transformed [VIDEO]

“Day by day my life is changing for the better, I’m safe, I’m secure …thank God!” Find out why, even in the midst of great challenge, this man’s life has gone from homelessness and despair, to hope, peace and gratitude. In this video, through the eyes of one man, you’ll see why the lives of... Read More ›

Cheering for Recovery at the Hope Mission Spring Banquet and Graduation

  Why did hundreds of people stand up and cheer on Friday night? We were applauding men and women who are winning battles against addiction and homelessness. We were rooting for graduates from Hope Mission’s recovery programs. Our spirits were buoyed by upbeat music from Kids in Action, and inspiring songs from the Hope Mission... Read More ›

Your Easter Gift Could Save a Life Like Bob’s

  Bob remembers the power of a simple meal at Hope Mission. “I was a regular. I had a warm bed, and a hot meal,” Bob recalls. You can give an Easter meal for just $2.70. Today, Bob is thriving in Green Manor, our new housing facility. But his road to wellness was long and... Read More ›

A new focus brings freedom — Hans’ story

At most mealtimes, you will see Hans—a large friendly presence—manning the doors. He smiles at the folks filing out, wishing them the best, hoping for the best. For a long time he was part of the line. Crack cocaine controlled his life, contorted his days. Eventually it inflicted, as yet, an untreatable bacteria in his... Read More ›

You can bring warmth in the bitter cold for people like Tom

The bitter cold is back. And we need your help to meet urgent winter needs. Yesterday afternoon I saw Tom on the street. Like the man pictured above, he was hunched into the wind, head down and clutching at his coat. He was making his way along 102 Avenue toward the Stanley Milner library. It’s... Read More ›

I found my smile here – Tony’s story

“Losing my dad at an early age, having a stepdad who always told me how stupid I was…put me at odds with the world,” says Tony. Years of alcoholism, crack addiction, self-hate and self-sabotage followed. Until one day, with a gun to his head, held by another addict intent on taking whatever drugs he had,... Read More ›

A Thanks-giving Story

“It’s a well-known story,” says James, “the drug covers the pain. Then the drug stops working and adds to the pain.” James had run out of resources and was bone weary. Unemployed—well, “unemployable” in his words—broke, depressed, sick and suffering from withdrawal, James, quite literally, lurched through the doors of Hope Mission. He began to... Read More ›

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